Authentic Maritime Experience

Discover the Charm of the Ligurian Gozzo


The Pink “Hyena” Accompanies You

on an Unforgettable Journey

Immerse yourself in the authentic experience of Ligurian navigation with our Ligurian gozzo, a marine masterpiece crafted with skill and passion by our expert artisans. Every detail of this vessel, characterized by its distinctive pink scavo, reflects the skill and tradition passed down through generations. With its elegant structure and fascinating design, the Ligurian gozzo offers you not just a cruise on the sea, but a journey through time along the crystal-clear waters and picturesque coasts of Liguria.


With its legendary history and majestic presence, the Ligurian gozzo embodies the essence of traditional navigation in the Mediterranean. Crafted with care and dedication by our master shipbuilders, this vessel epitomizes the pride and craftsmanship of our region. Designed for optimal performance in coastal waters, the Ligurian gozzo offers smooth and comfortable navigation, allowing you to explore the hidden treasures of the Ligurian coastline with style and sophistication.