Il Golfo dei Poeti

An ode to the beauty of the Ligurian coast


Welcome to the dedicated page

to the Gulf of Poets

a jewel nestled along the picturesque Ligurian coast, where the meeting of cobalt blue waters and breathtaking vistas creates a timeless atmosphere. Renowned for its beauty and poetic inspiration, this coastal stretch is a true haven of serenity.

Where the sea

Meet the Poetry

Breathtaking landscapes

and endless inspiration

Amidst steep cliffs

And secret bays

a symphony

of colors and emotions


The picturesque coastal villages that dot its shores, such as Lerici and Tellaro, capture the essence of Mediterranean life, with their colorful houses overlooking the sea and cobblestone streets winding through ancient alleyways. Surrounded by green hills and crystal-clear waters, these villages exude an irresistible charm that enchants anyone who visits them.


Among Hidden Bays

and Steep Cliffs

that dot the Gulf of Poets, every corner tells a tale of ancient beauty and inspiration. Here, amid the waves caressing the shore and the scent of citrus permeating the air, time seems to stretch, providing spaces for contemplation and reflection.

Between maritime legends

and ancient poetry

Every sunset

It’s a painting of pure poetry

The waves

Whisper ancient secrets

The perfect sanctuary

For those seeking inspiration and serenity


It’s no wonder this place has inspired poets, artists, and travelers of every era. The Gulf of Poets continues to cast its spell, drawing those seeking inspiration and tranquility in an environment of extraordinary natural beauty. Welcome to the heart of this coastal paradise, where every moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of poetry and nature.